To enjoy the camp fire with some new friends after a long day of game drives with the most stunning sightings. That is the real Safarisharing experience. Safarisharing is an independent platform. We bring travelers together to go on safari. We offer unique safari experiences at an affordable price.

Our team


    The Brain

    Experience: Asilia, Ascent, Chims Africa, CarePay & ING

    East African dream: Climb Mount Kenya, Kenya


    Jorrit is co-founder of Safarisharing and is a passionate traveler. He is an entrepreneur and advisor to various East-African companies on strategy & business development. Jorrit was born and raised in the Netherlands and has also lived in New York and Kenya. In his free time, Jorrit travels around the African continent as much as possible and is still dazzled by the stunning landscapes and diversity the continent has to offer. Within Safarisharing, Jorrit is responsible for partnerships & business development.

  • Elisa Droll

    Chief of Everything

    Experience: Tourism Destination Management

    East African dream: See the last Northern White Rhino’s in the world in Ol Pejeta, Kenya


    Elisa has finalized her Master of Arts at the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the programme “Tourism Destination Management”. She has an array of management, volunteering and research experience in the tourism industry. Within Safarisharing she is responsible for the day-to-day operations, human resource management, and the moderation of the company’s culture. In favour of sustainable and responsible tourism development, she is eager to support global projects through the stimulation of new business opportunities, development of tourism niche products, and through the integration of local communities.

  • Andrea Mertaadi

    Marketing Nerd

    Experience: Tourism Management
    East Africa Dream: Climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro


    Andrea is currently doing his Bachelor in Tourism Management at the Hogeschool InHolland, and he plans to graduate in 2019. He was born in Rome, Italy and raised in Bali, Indonesia, which makes him a very cultured individual. Andrea contributes in-depth online marketing knowledge from previous experiences. At Safarisharing, he is responsible for various promotional initatives, content curation and management of the social media accounts.

  • Gilmard Madouma

    Captain of Communication

    Experience: Tourism Management
    East Africa Dream: Experiencing East-African Marathons


    Gilmard is currently doing his Bachelor in Tourism Management at InHolland Hogeschool and plans to graduate in 2019. He is born in Port-Gentil, Gabon, while being raised in both, Africa and Europe. Due to his intercultural communication background, his work has always been characterised by his cultural awareness and professionalism. Gilmard has contributed in various social performances, focusing on helping individuals in need, through voluntarism. At Safarisharing, he is responsible for ensuring effective and reliable partnerships with current & potential partners, and product diversification.

  • Michiel Stoffels

    Fearless Operational Teacher

    Experience: Albert Heijn, Bohemian Birds

    East African dream: Spend some time with the Mountain Gorilla’s, Uganda


    Michiel is CEO of Bohemian Birds. He has 3+ years experience with Albert Heijn and is now running the fastest growing Dutch Group travel company. He has lived in New York City for more than a year, and has traveled to Lapland, Mongolia, Costa Rica, China, Indonesia, the Arab Emirates to experience the ultimate bucket list experience. Michiel advises Safarisharing on operational matters.

  • Roderick Verstegen

    Legal Guru

    Experience: Houthoff Buruma, EBN

    East African dream: Experience the migration in the Serengeti, Tanzania


    Roderick is senior legal counsel at EBN and has over ten years’ experience in corporate governance, commercial contracting and M&A. Roderick gets the energy to use his knowledge and expertise in the broadest sense, and is willing to experiment in the kitchen. Roderick has a special interest for business development and start-ups and is legal advisor to Safarisharing.

  • Thomas van der Bruggen

    Full-Time IT-Ninja

    Experience: HuisHurenIbiza, One of a Kind Travel

    East African dream: Bird & Flamingo watching at Lake Nakuru, Kenya


    Thomas is heading the IT & Online marketing strategy for Safarisharing. Thomas has extensive experience in website development and online marketing. He is one of the founders of HuisHurenIbiza, the leading villa rental platform and involved in several other e-commerce platforms in various industries.

  • Lynett Nakamanya

    Local Sales Commander

    Experience: East African Tourism Students Platform


    Lynett is a tourism enthusiast with a passion for learning new things and visiting new places. She has been in the tourism industry for the past three years and is the founder of the East African Tourism students platform – a regional body that Unites all tourism students across the region. In addition, Lynett has worked with government and private organizations in the region.

The Concept

Travellers that travel alone know that it can be hard to find and join a safari tour that fits their schedule or to find buddies to travel with. As the first front-to-end ecommerce platform in the African safari industry, the new online Safarisharing platform brings together individual travellers on safari trips in East-Africa.

We aim to introduce the sharing principle to the East-African tourism industry in favour of a positive customer experience. Our aim is to generate additional and sustainable business for the safari industry that has been under pressure for a long time. By bringing innovation, Safarisharing counteracts the inability of the safari industry to match individual travellers and small groups for existing safari departures.

With the Safarisharing platform you can book a seat in unique safari trips. We offer a reliable solution, a better price for everyone and great travel companions. Our safaris range from classical game drives to safaris with educational character moving in the fields of conservatory and cultural heritage in the East-African region, namely Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with the ambition to expand further. To our local suppliers we offer the chance to use their spare capacity and unused seats of their safari vehicle to generate additional revenueYou haven’t tried it yet? Click here to check out our last minute trips!

“We aim to gather travellers from all over to nourish on the beauty of Africa. In this digital age, we will fuse the perfect combo of innovation and travel through honesty and passion”.


Our impact



Safarisharing is dedicated to contributing to the protection of the African wildlife and crucial natural habitats. We will partner with charitable organisations that focus on anti-poaching and wildlife protection.


For every customer that joins a Safarisharing trip, we will donate an amount to one of the selected institutions. We create additional business for the industry, with the same number of game drives and safari vehicle movements. Consequently, the sharing principle of Safarisharing results in a better occupancy of safari vehicles, reducing CO2 emissions and environmental pollution.



Safarisharing acts as a catalyst for the tourism industry in East Africa. We integrate ground handlers with a strong foothold in local communities. We provide marketing support and create new business opportunities for local companies with a direct impact on employment and wellbeing of employees and their families.


Also, we aim to create partnerships with local universities to create career opportunities for young professionals and students in East-Africa.



Safarisharing has the ambition to organize a number of specific trips with an educational character. We aim to work together with a variety of charitable organizations to create awareness and educate our customers on social and wildlife protection initiatives.


This will offer unique insights into crucial projects and will support our partner organizations with their initiatives.