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Join your fellow travellers!
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Feb 19, 2019

Have you ever thought about going on a safari, but you cannot find the right buddies to travel with? Safarisharing is there to help by fusing the perfect combo of innovation and travel. We aim to connect like-minded travellers to find the perfect safari deal, to travel together and to share the beauty of Africa. The platform allows you to instantly join in existing safari departures with already other travellers on-board, or to create your own trip by inviting additional travellers to check in to your jeep.

Meet new friends and save up to 50% when you share your safari adventure!


What does this all mean for you, our dearest traveller?

You’ll meet fellow travellers; You’ll share the costs; You’ll share the fun, and of course you’ll share the beauty of Africa. We are currently operating in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda; three great destinations that provide amazing wildlife safaris. Each National Park caters for different animals and is special on its own.

Not only game drives with a 4×4 vehicle, but also hot air balloon safaris, boat safaris, mountain treks or hiking journeys are part of your itinerary. The Masai Mara Game Reserve, Tsavo East and West, and Lake Nakuru in Kenya, as well as the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania are only some of our highlights. Check out to find our tips & tricks.


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Safarisharing, an innovative front-to-end ecommerce platform, is the new player and first of its kind in the East-African Safari industry. The platform was launched in September 2016 and has experienced good traction both on the customer side, but also on the PR and Marketing side. Safarisharing has been featured on several on- and offline newspapers, including Air France KLM’s Club Africa and the Daily Nation.

We act as a catalyst for the tourism industry, while incorporating local ground handlers with a strong foothold in local communities. We provide marketing support and facilitate local tour operators to fill up empty seats and to take advantage of the spare capacity of safari vehicles.

The Safarisharing impact goals

Our processes and developments are reflected in the company’s strong believe that tourism can make an important contribution to people’s lives as well as to wildlife protection and conservation in East-Africa. Safarisharing wants to contribute to these crucial factors through a number of initiatives, which have been combined in our impact goals, a promise to customers, local communities, partners and all other stakeholders involved. Don’t you wanna be part of it?

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