Day Tour Hell's Gate National Park

Departure city: Nairobi, Kenya

Accommodation: Budget | National Parks: Hell's Gate

only$ 208

* based on 8 participants

Enjoy a visit to Hell’s Gate National park.
Enjoy biking safari, walk the gorges and a beautiful boat ride on Lake Naivasha.

7 am – Depart from Nairobi and drive to Naivasha, brief stopover at the Great Rift Valley viewpoint. Arrive at Hell’s Gate entrance at around 9am. Start of the biking tour at Hell’s Gate for 2 hours

11 am – Visit the gorges inside the park. Gorges are small thin depressions of land mass where you can walk underneath. Some areas have formed caves where you can walk through. This will take about an hour.

1 pm – Finish the tours and bring the bikes back to the gate, drive to the restaurant for lunch

2 pm – Take a 1-hour boat ride in the lake for bird watching and hippo viewing.

4 pm – End of all activities. Drive back to Nairobi.

Arrive by 6 pm

End of tour

Price of the entire trip: 208 $ p.p. with 8 people on board.
Gather your friends or join with other travellers on this trip to bring the price down.

Terms & Conditions

  • A better price for everyone! Get a refund* for every additional traveller joining your trip.
  • The overall rate of this trip, with every additional passenger, gradually decreases
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Package is Inclusive of:

  • Entrance fees to Hell’s National Park
  • Fuel & Driver(s) charges
  • Bicycle renting charges
  • Private & Professional English speaking guide
  • Boat ride on Lake Naivasha(1hour)
  • Hotel/Lodge pick-up & Drop-off

Package is Exclusive of:

  • Food & Drinks
  • Gratuities (Optional)


The following list is a general guideline of what to bring on the safari:

  • Shorts and t-shirts or light trousers for the daytime.
  • A wide-brimmed hat to shade you from the sun, this should have string/straps if standing in the van or jeep as it could be blown off.
  • Plenty of sun protection, lotion or cream (High SPF).
  • A good pair of binoculars (there’s usually just one pair in vehicles).
  • Long trousers and long or short-sleeved shirts for the evening and protection from mosquitoes
  • A fleece/jumper/sweater for the early morning (or a safari jacket) and evening game drives, as it tends to get very chilly, especially in the highlands and in the Masai Mara.
  • Plenty of film or flash card memory for your camera and a battery charger for all electronic devices.
  • A small first aid kit.
  • Swimming costumes/bathing suits as most of the lodges and camps have swimming pools.
  • A good pair of sunglasses as you are on the equator where the sun is very powerful. Prescription sun spectacles are not recommended as may scratch or fall off the vehicles.
  • A pair of safari shoes or trekking boots.
  • A pack of wet wipes.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Bottle’s or jugs of water to keep you hydrated. Spending a lot of time in the sun, even when wearing hats and sunglasses will dehydrate you in most cases.


  • On a safari, be prepared for bumpy and dusty roads. These can be irritating to the contact lens wearers. Eye drops and an extra pair of glasses are sensible protection.
  • Pack light. Laundry facilities are available throughout your safari at extra cost. Remember your weight limit on your return from East Africa.
  • Our equatorial sun is strong. Too much can cause dehydration, nausea, dizziness and headaches. We recommend that you wear sunscreens and a hat, as well as a strong pair of dark glasses.
  • DO NOT take photographs of the locals without permission. Never take photographs of the military, policemen in uniform, and the President or Government officials.
  • Always keep your camera loaded and ready for action. You never know when it is going to start