Sportive & Cultural Kenya Experience

Departure city: Nairobi, Kenya

Accommodation: Budget | National Parks: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Mount Longonot, Hell's Gate

only$ 420

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Sportive & Cultural Kenya Experience is an all-inclusive safari package which last for 3 days and 2 nights where, a combination of sportive activities with cultural visits will sparkle your journey within the beautiful Kenyan territory and its heritages. Be ready for a one of a kind experience at its finest yet, active but, meaningful in emotions, appreciations and leaving you with a sense of great achievement as a positive foot print.

Day 1: Hells Gate National Park

At 8:00am: From your hotel in Nairobi, you will start the journey and be driven to Naivasha. Before arriving at the National Park, you will have the possibility to make a brief stop at the Great Rift Valley for a spectacular view over.

  • Important notice: drive to Hell’s Gate NP takes approximately 2hrs (110km)

At 10:30am: You will arrive at the Hell’s Gate NP where, the cycling tour will begin and, will last for 2hrs.

At 12:30pm: You will be visiting the Gorges inside the NP. These gorges are small thin depressions of land masses where you will be able to walk underneath. Some areas have formed caves where you will also be able to walk through. The estimated time of this visit is 1hr.

At 13:30pm: Around this time the tours will end and, all travellers are required to bring the used bicycles back at the entrance of the NP. After the used equipment has been dropped at the entrance, your tour guide and driver will take you to a nearby restaurant.

At 14:30pm: You will be going for 1 or 2hrs horse riding at the Sanctuary Farm. The ride will take off from the Sanctuary Farm to the shores of Lake Naivasha. While you will be riding within the attraction, you will be surrounded and experiencing wildlife and your main encounters will be; zebras, water bucks, wildebeest, impalas and more species.

At 16:30 – 17pm: All activities will come to an end and, you will be taken back to the campsite in Nairobi for the overnight stay.

  • Important notice: the drive back to your hotel will take between 1:30hrs and 2hrs (110km)

Day 2: David Sheldrick Elephant Orphaned Trust & Giraffe Centre

At 10:00 – 10:30am: From the campsite in Nairobi you will be driven to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphaned Trust as the first stop to the excursion.

  • Important notice: The drive to the Conservancy takes approximately 20mn and keeping in mind that it only opens from 11am to 12 noon.

At 11:00am: At the Conservancy you will be able to mingle with rescued baby and teenage elephants. You will learn the unique yet touching stories of how these elephants got there, how they got their names, as each and every elephant has a specific name and, what are the many plans in place to release these animals.

At 12:30pm: After the David Sheldrick’s visit, your driver will drive you to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

At 13:30 – 14pm: You will be driven to the Giraffe Centre where, you will learn more about the conservation efforts to preserve an endangered species (Rothschild Giraffes) and, also get to feed them while taking selfies with the giant animals.

At 15:00pm: After the Giraffe Centre, you will be driven to the Kazuri Beads Factory. This is a pottery company that makes one of the world’s most beautiful beads. You will be shown all the different stages, from the start to the finish. The factory is perceived as unique because, the establishment employs single mothers from poor neighbourhoods who earn a living to support their families.

At 16:30pm: After the factory your driver will give you two options; the first one is, driving you to the campsite back in Nairobi or, a second option will be to drive you to the Karen Blixen Museum. The museum is a white settler story, depicted in the famous movie “Out of Africa”. There you will learn the story of this amazing woman and how she changed the lives of the local people.

  • Important notice: The above-mentioned activity is not included in the package but, driving you there is of course free of charge and, including the pick-up back to your lodge.

Day 3: Mount Longonot National Park

At 7:00am: From the campsite in Nairobi your driver will drive you to Mount Longonot National Park going through the Kikuya Lush Green Highlands and, then you will be taken to the Eastern Escarpment of the Rift Valley System.

At 7:30am: Before you are taken to Mount Longonot, a scheduled stop will be made at the view point on the side of the Escarpment for you to enjoy the view of the Rift Valley floor from a bird’s eye view.

  • The Rift Valley system was formed 5million years ago and, it runs from the Red Sea through Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. The Rift Valley is an active Volcanic area and has some of the most interesting features including more than 8 lakes, dormant and active volcanic mountains and hot springs as well as Geysers such as, the Olkaria Geothermal Wells  and Lake Bogoria Geysers.
  • The volcanic Mount Suswa and Mount Longonot can actually be seen from this high place with their ever-green craters and the undulating green Rift Valley floor. The view from there is just amazing! Do not forget to take as many pictures as possible.

At 8:30am: After the Rift Valley your driver will take you to Mount Longonot NP for a hike (walk) up to the crater. The hike requires a minimum of physical fitness and, you will be climbing through the Gulleys that dot the sides of this mountain. You will be able to make a few rest stops at the designated places on the trek. Once you will have made it to the rim of the crater, you will be able to look into the awesome inside from above. If you are energized enough you can go around the rim of the crater.

At 13:00pm: After approximately 4hrs hike, you will return at the base of the mountain, relax for a while (approximately 30mn) and then you will be driven to Lake Naivasha.

At 14:00pm: Before the boat ride, you will be taken to Marina Camp where, you will be offered a sumptuous lunch at the camp’s restaurant right by the Lake’s side while, you will be watching the Lake’s beauty and the birds flying by.

At 15:30pm: After lunch, you will be taken on an hour boat ride in the marvellous Rift Valley Lake. This ride will take you to explore the hundreds of birds within the lake including, the diving African fish eagle which dives in the water to catch fishes and this, without ever missing. Then, you will be taken to the hippo pool and see the hippos as they swim and bleat inside the water while opening their huge mouths to about 180 degrees.

At 17:00pm: The boat tour is ending and same for the whole 3 days experience. You will leave Lake Naivasha for Nairobi going through the Lush Kikuyu Highlands and you will be back into the city at around 18:00pm. Drop off at your hotel or airport in Nairobi.

Campsite options

  1. Endachata
  2. Naiburta
  3. Oldubai
  4. Oloongonot


Price of the entire trip: 420 $ p.p. with 6 people on board.
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Terms & Conditions

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Package is Inclusive of:

  • Hell’s Gate NP | David Sheldrick | Mount Longonot |
  • Entrance fees
  • Fuel & Driver(s) charges
  • Bicycle renting charges
  • Private & Professional English speaking guide
  • Horse riding fee (1hour)
  • Conservation fee
  • Hotel/Lodge pick-up & Drop-off
  • Private vehicle transport
  • Private tours
  • Walking tour
  • Boat ride

Package is Exclusive of:

  • Hell’s Gate NP | David Sheldrick | Mount Longonot |
  • Food & Drinks
  • Lunch (day 1 & 2)
  • Gratuities (Optional)

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*Subject to total number of participants & initial price paid