Safarisharing - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please let us know

If you have any questions regarding the unique Safarisharing concept do not hestitate to contact us. But first, please have a look in our FAQ to see if your question is there.

Choose or create your own trip. Safarisharing is independent and always offers you the best value.

Safarisharing is an intermediary between customers and local travel partners. We match travellers with available seats in safari trips. We work with a number of partners in selected countries where we operate and select the best propositions for our customers and offer these trips on our website. All Safarisharing trips are operated by our trusted local partners, but have the Safarisharing label for quality, trust and a unique experience.
Click on the join a trip button on the homepage page, pick the trip you want and book directly online!
Every trip that you have in mind can be customized. And you can decide to open it up to your friends or you can decide to open up the trip for other travellers! Fill in the ‘Customize your trip’ form on the right top of the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss how we can create your optimal safari experience!
Safarisharing uses the power of sharing to bring down the prices of our trips. In addition, a large number of our trips are being offered on a last minute basis. The price advantage of sharing, last minute bookings and high quality partners results in the awesome deals that we can offer to you!

Book a trip through Safarisharing’s trusted platform and share with other travellers to bring down the price.

The Safarisharing platform is secured by an SSL encrypted connection between the web server and visitor’s web browser. All payments that run through the Safarisharing platform are handled with care by our partner Direct Pay Online, Africa’s leading online payment provider. Direct Pay Online offers a wide range of secure payment solutions, including credit card payments of all the main credit card companies. Last but not least, all partners that Safarisharing works with, have undergone a thorough assessment to ensure a reliable travel experience.
There are various ways to share a trip with friends or other people. At this moment, sharing is possible through Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter. The more people join a trip, the better the price for everyone.
The Safarisharing pricing model is based on the fact that if more people join a certain trip, everyone pays less. We optimize the capacity in safari vehicles and as a result are able to offer a discount to everyone in that particular trip. If you are one the first persons that booked a trip, you can share the trip with friends and /or other people and ask them to join. That will benefit everyone.
The lowest price that is published is the price based on the maximum number of participants. At the end of the booking deadline, the difference between the ‘current price’ (the price which you have paid) and the ‘booked price’ (the price based on the ultimate number of participants) is being refunded to the customers that booked the trip first. Ultimately, all persons in the trip pay the same price. Example: You are the first person to join a trip and pay the current price of USD 600,- for a trip. Ultimately, 6 people join the trip and the price drops to USD 400,-. After the booking deadline, you will be automatically refunded USD 200,-
All payments for Safarisharing trips are being made online on the Safarisharing website, through the Direct Pay Online payment platform. We accept all major international credit cards.
You can book for as many people as the safari trip allows at a the same time. If you want to book for more people that the safari trip allows, please contact us at and we are ready to help out!
The Safarisharing concept works with a uniform pricing model for East African citizens, East African residents and non-residents. For some trips, East African citizens or residents can be eligible for a discount. This will reviewed on a trip by trip basis. Please contact us directly for more information at

Go on your trip and experience the beauty of Africa with likeminded people.

The starting point for your trip will be your hotel, the closest airport or a central location in the city you have selected as departure city. Precise information on the departure location can be communicated to us after the trip has been confirmed. You will receive an email from safarisharing to provide this information.
When you book a trip you get the contact details of the dedicated provider of the trip. They will help you with any inquiry you have. When you have a general inquiry for safarisharing, you can always contact us on
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