5 Days Safari in Tanzania

Departure city: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania | 5 days | Departure: Jun 13, 2018

Accommodation: Budget | National Parks: Tarangire NP, Serengeti NP, Ngorongoro Crater | Special Interest: Wildlife Safari

only$ 1275

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Travel through Tanzania in 5 days. During this safari in Tanzania, you will discover some of Tanzania’s jams. First, you will visit Tarangire National park.

Located just a few hours drive from the town of Arusha, Tarangire is a popular stop for safaris traveling through the northern circuit on their way to Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. But there is much the park has to offer, it extends into two game controlled areas and the wildlife is allowed to move freely throughout.

After the Serengeti, which we will also visit, Tarangire has the greatest concentration of wildlife in Tanzania; even in the dry season wildlife is bountiful due to the Tarangire River. Large herd of elephants and migratory wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, gazelle gather and not surprisingly the big predator follow.

Tarangire is also one of the few places in Tanzania where dry-country antelope such as oryx and gerenuk are regularly spotted. It is also known for its spectacular baobab trees, breathtaking views of the Masaai Steppe and mountains to the south. After Tarangire, we will continue the safari to Serengeti.

The park lives up to its ancient Maasai name “Siringet”, meaning “endless open plains”. It is oldest and most popular national park in Tanzania. While a sizeable part of the park is made up of seasonally flooded plains, forest and shrub savannah, the Serengeti is mostly about one thing: grass. Golden in the dry season, green and dotted with wildflowers after the rains. Every now and then kopjes – rocky outcrops – interrupt the infinite horizon.

It is the home of numerous wildebeest, which migrate annually and it is an epic theatre to experience where also zebras, gazelles trek for fresh grazing. Approximately 3,800 lions, 350 cheetahs, 7,500 spotted hyenas, 12,000 giraffes and 11,000 elephants roam the savannah. The Serengeti offers arguably the most dazzling game viewing in Africa.

Last but not least we will visit Ngorongoro park and crater. The Ngorongoro Crater is protected around Lake Natron in the northeast, to Lake Enyasi in the south and Lake Manyara to the east. Once an active volcano, what makes it especially unique is the collapse of its cone, forming a crater that goes 610 meters deep, 20 kilometres in diameter and covers an area of 311 sq km.

As spectacular as it sounds, this massive crater only accounts for a tenth of the entire Conservation Area. Next to its geologically special features, the crater is home to almost every mammal of the African plains, including the endangered black rhino, and the densest population of predators in Africa. Birdlife is also extremely abundant, in particular, flamingos affected by the fresh water from Lake Magadi on the crater floor. This safari in Tanzania will give you an unforgettable experience!

Day 1: Kilimanjaro to Arusha
The first day you will picked up from Kilimanjaro and we will go to Arusha for the first day and night.

Day 2: Arusha to Tarangire
After breakfast, we will depart to Tarangire. Here we will have a full day of game drive. Taringire is the home for the Boabob trees and you got the Tarangire river Lions, leopards, giraffes, zebras etc are found here. For sure you will enjoy the wildlife and nature. In the afternoon we will drive to Panorama campsite to have dinner and spend the night.

Day 3: Tarangire to Serengeti
You will have an early breakfast and continue the journey to Serengeti via Ngorongoro. So it will be a beautiful road and during the day we meet animals as well. Serengeti is the home for lions, leopards, cheetah etc. You will spend the evening and night at Seronera campsite.

Day 4: Serengeti to Ngorongoro
A new day to go on safari. Today we will have a game drive at this endless plain. Here you will be able to spot wildebeest and zebras migration, lions, elephants, and buffalos. Later we will drive to Ngorongoro for dinner and overnight at Simba campsite.

Day 5: Ngorongoro to Arusha
The last day has come. You will enjoy a half day at the Ngorongoro crater tour. Here we will see lions, rhinos, leopards, hippos etc. We will have lunch in the park and later drive to Arusha for your overnight or departure. It’s time to say goodbye and reminisce this adventure!

Price of the entire trip: $1275 *with 6 people on board.
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  • This trip is based on a shared usage of rooms – a single usage of rooms will result in an additional fee.
  • The maximum capacity of this trip is 6 people


  • All fees
  • One night
  • Transportation in safari jeep
  • English & Spanish guide
  • 3 meals a day
  • Mineral water
  • All activities
  • Camping gears
  • A cook


  • Medical insurance
  • All things of personal nature
  • International & local flights
  • Tips for driver, guide & cook



Here are some of our recommendations to you for getting through a safari:

  • Plenty of sun protection, lotion or cream (High SPF)
  • A wide-brimmed hat to shade you from the sun, this should have string/straps if standing in the van or jeep as it could be blown off.
  •  A good pair of sunglasses as you are on the equator where the sun is very strong. Prescription sun spectacles are not recommended as may scratch or fall off the vehicles.
  •  Bottle’s or jugs of water to keep you hydrated. Spending a lot of time in the sun, even when wearing hats and sunglasses will dehydrate you in most cases
  • A fleece/jumper/sweater for the early morning (or a safari jacket) and evening game drives, as it tends to get very chilly, especially in the highlands and in the Masai Mara.
  • Shorts and t-shirts or light trousers for the daytime.
  • Long trousers and long or short-sleeved shirts for the evening and protection from mosquitoes
  •  Plenty of film or flash card memory for your camera and a battery charger for all electronic devices.
  •  Swimming costumes/bathing suits as most of the lodges and camps have swimming pools.
  •  A good pair of binoculars (there’s usually just one pair in vehicles).
  •  A pair of safari shoes or trekking boots.
  • A pack of wet wipes.
  •  Mosquito repellent.


The following amounts should only be used as a guideline, but of course, for outstanding personal service, you are more than welcome to give a higher tip:

  •  Porterage                   US$ 1.00 per bag
  •  Dining room staff         US$ 1.00 per person per day
  •  Your driver/tour guide   US$ 5.00 per person per day