8 Days Classic Western Uganda Safari

Departure city: Entebbe, Uganda | 8 days | Departure: Nov 02, 2018

Accommodation: Comfort | National Parks: Lake Mburo, Bwindi Impenetrable, Queen Elizabeth NP, Kibale NP | Special Interest: Adventure, Wildlife Safari

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This comprehensive 8 day Western Uganda Safari leaves no stone unturned as it takes you on a journey into the western Kingdoms of Uganda. The safari covers all the principal National Parks and attractions in Western Uganda. Like game drives and gorilla trekking. This Western Uganda safari is also affording you the opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the regions heritage and traditions with visits to local women’s groups and community lead activities. All of this is set to the beautiful backdrop of picturesque rolling hills, savannah lands and the iconic forests of Kibale and Bwindi.

Western Uganda
The Western Region of Uganda has houses the majority of the National Parks in Uganda. Lake Mburo, Mgahinga, Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale, Rwenzori, Semiliki, and Murchison all feature in this region. The region also has a rich cultural history with a lot of traditions still prevalent today.
The Kingdoms of Ankole, Bunyoro, Kigezi and Toro all hail from this part of Uganda. Each tribe has a discrete heritage which you can see in abundance as you explore this area of Uganda. Due to the climate and altitude in Western Uganda, there are many Tea and Coffee plantations dotted over the landscape which is also punctuated by stunning natural crater lakes and forests making a journey into the area an adventure in itself. But it doesn’t stop there, Lake Buyonyi, Lake Mutanda, Lake Edward, Lake George and Lake Albert are also found here, bringing with them an unrivaled beauty that can only be found in this region of Uganda.

Day 1: Entebbe
Welcome to Uganda! On arrival you will be met at the Airport by a Let’s Go Travel representative who will escort you to your safari vehicle and will introduce you to your driver who will also be your Guide. The first stop will be a short drive to your accommodation where you will be able to relax and contemplate the adventure that lies ahead. Your guide will be with you for the entire safari and will be more than willing to help you with any questions or needs you might have! Overnight at Papyrus Guest House | Bed & breakfast Standard room

Day 2: Entebbe to Lake Mburo National Park
Your Ugandan safari adventure begins in earnest with a trip to Lake Mburo National Park. You will head west on a scenic drive towards the heartland of the Ankole Kingdom. The drive is one of the most scenic in Uganda as you transition out of the suburbs of the city and into open marsh and the grasslands, where the famous long-horned Ankole cattle graze. One of the best activities to do in Lake Mburo is a scenic boat ride on the lake. This is one of the best ways to see the diverse wildlife that the Park has. The boat ride can be done at dawn or dusk depending on your safari itinerary and will normally take around 2 hours. All the rides begin at the Rwonyo jetty, it will not take you long before you begin to see large groups of hippos in the water as well as crocodiles and buffalo lining the banks of the lake. The lake is also famous for it’s bird life, from majestic fish eagles, colourful
kingfishers, to hammerkops and their enormous nests. Overnight at Rwakobo Rock Lodge | Full board Standard room

Day 3: Lake Mburo to Bwindi National Park
A Game drive in Lake Mburo National Park are a perfect way to begin or end a Safari in Uganda. The park has a variety of wildlife that almost contradicts it’s small size in comparison to the other parks in Uganda. The park doesn’t have any large cats apart from leopards who are normally only seen at night. Lake Mburo has a large variety of antelopes and Rothschild’s giraffe have recently been reintroduced. However the highlights of the park have to be the Burchell’s zebra and eland which are only found in two National Parks in Uganda. Saying goodbye to Lake Mburo National Park is never easy. It has an uncanny ability to charm visitors with its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, stunning landscapes and great wildlife viewing. The safari will continue westwards leaving the Ankole Kingdom, heading towards Bwindi and the Kigezi Kingdom, home of the remarkable mountain  gorillas. Overnight at Mahogany Springs Lodge | Full board Standard room

Day 4: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Your Gorilla Trekking experience is finally here, hope your camera is charges and you are ready for what lies ahead. An early start will see you transfer to the Park Headquarters for a briefing with the Uganda Wildlife Authority guides. An advance party of guides will have gone ahead into the forest to locate where the gorillas slept the previous night and will have began to track their movements. These guides will communicate with your team via a walkie-talkie and the trek into the forest will begin. Locating the Gorillas can take a few hours or the whole day depending on how far they have moved from the place they spent the previous night. For conservation purposes, time allowed with the Gorillas is 1 hour. As you trek in the forest you will appreciate why the forest is called impenetrable. There are also a multitude of other animals that you might encounter including antelopes and rare monkeys not to mention the beauty of the forest itself. Once you have completed the trek you will return to the lodge, for a well earned rest and time to reflect on a truly magical experience.

At Let’s Go Travel we try and support the communities that we interact with as part of the business we run, with a view to minimizing the impact we have on communities as well as ensuring that they too benefit from our operations. One such community in the Buhoma area of Bwindi is called Ride 4 a Woman. You will get to visit these incredible women and learn more about their story! Overnight at Mahogany Springs Lodge | Full board Standard room

Day 5: Bwindi National Park to Queen Elizabeth National Park
With your Gorilla Trekking experience still fresh in your memory it will be time to head north to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The landscape changes as you move away from the thick forest into the open savannah lands. You will begin to notice the traditional home steds and farms that characterize this area. Entry to the Park will be via its southern sector also known as the Ishasha sector. Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most famous National Parks in Uganda and for good reason. There diverse landscape houses a wide range of animals, birds and plants which enables any visitor to partake in games drives in different locations of the park, a boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel where animals and birds line the banks of this waterway that stretches between two lakes and Chimpanzee Trek in Kyambura Gorge. A game drive in the Ishasha sector gives you a chance to see the famous tree climbing lions that can be seen hanging out of large fig trees. No one really knows why lions in this area climb trees but there are many theories surrounding this behavior. However, lions are not the only animals to be found in the park. Large herds of Uganda’s kob, hippos, elephant, and antelope also roam this part of the park making it an ideal place to view the capture wildlife at its best. Overnight at Parkview Safari Lodge | Full board Standard room

Day 6: Queen Elizabeth National Park
A game drive in Kasenyi sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park is a great place to see view the differing landscape and ecosystems in Uganda. The park is the oldest and the most visited in Uganda. This game drive will take place on the Kasenyi Plains which are in the northeast section of the park and but west of Lake George. There are large numbers of buffalo, antelope, elephant, warthogs, baboons as well and lions and the odd leopard if you are lucky. One of the highlights of visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park is the boat ride along the Kazinga Channel. The boat ride is a round trip beginning at the Mweya Peninsula and lasting around 3 hours. The Channel is a 32-kilometre long natural channel that links Lake Edward and Lake George. The channel has one of the world’s largest concentration of hippos, numerous Nile crocodiles, buffalo, elephants and a whole host of birds. including African fish eagles, kingfishers, Herons, storks and skimmers. The Kataara Women’s Poverty Alleviation Group was formed in 2005 to combat the problem of human-wildlife conflict in this particular area of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The group provides alternative income for Kataara families and an incentive to conserve Uganda’s precious wildlife. There is a proud mixture of Banaynkore, Bakiga, Batoro and Banayruguru tribe, which is reflected in the artistic diversity of the products that are created developed and sold. The women believe in maximizing the use of natural materials grown locally, even the dyes for the baskets are created by boiling leaves from local herbs like nyarwehindura, mushoroza and embatabata. A visit to the group will enable to find out more about how this incredible enterprise works and be inspired by the individual stories that the women have. There will also be a chance to support the group by purchasing reasonably priced crafts.
Overnight at Parkview Safari Lodge | Full board Standard room

Day 7: Queen Elizabeth National Park to Kibale National Park

With the anticipation of your Chimpanzee Trek the safari will head further north into the Kibale Forest region. You leave the Rwenzururu Kingdom and journey into the heart of the Tooro Kingdom towards the principal city Fort Portal. Look out for the King of Tooro’s grand palace on top of the largest hill in the area.

The Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary is a part of the Magombe Swamp just south of Kibale National Park. A visit to the sanctuary enables you to see rare mammals and birds, like the webbed feet sitatunga as the great blue turaco call this place home. However if you aren’t lucky enough to see them there are still plenty of other animals, including bush pigs, black and white colobus monkeys and over 200 species of birds that inhabit the swamp. The
Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary is a community based programme that supports local residents and encourages a healthy link between tourism and the community it affects. Overnight at Kibale Guest Cottages | Full board cottage

Day 8: Kibale National Park to Entebbe
Your Chimpanzee Trekking experience has finally arrived! It begins at the Uganda Wildlife Authority HQ at Kayanchu Gate where your trekking group will head into the forest with a guide after a short briefing. About 1 hour before your group sets off an advance party of guides will have entered the forest to locate where the Chimpanzees spent the night. Once located the advance party send a radio message back to your trekking group so that you can navigate through the forest. During the trek you will also get to see the different birds, animals and plant species within the forest. Once you locate the Chimpanzees you can only spend one hour with them this ensures that the Chimpanzees don’t become accustomed to human contact. After an exhilarating experience with the chimpanzees you will begin your return trip to Entebbe. The journey will see you leave the Kiblale Forest National Park in the Tooro Kingdom and head eastwards back to the Buganda Kingdom. The relaxing ride back to Entebbe will allow you to reminisce about the amazing time you have spent in Uganda and all the wonderful experiences you have had.


Papyrus guest house
Papyrus is set in a private garden. It is a peaceful and much-welcomed sanctuary. For more information and pictures; click here.

Rwakobo Rock
Rwakobo is nestled on a scenic outcrop with breathtaking views. For more information and pictures; click here.

Mahogany springs lodge
Mahogany Springs is the perfect base from which to begin you Gorilla Tracking or Birdwatching adventures. For more information and pictures, click here. 

Parkview safari lodge
Parkview Safari lodge is located in Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Kyambura area. The lush en suite cottages are nicely placed in a natural ecosystem setting crafted using natural materials and fitted with canvas that blends with their surroundings. For more information and pictures; click here. 

Kibale guest cottages
The Kibale guest cottages offer a spectacular view of the lush tropical forest, a few hundred meters from the Park’s main tourist center of Kanyanchu. Sitting on the balcony, you will enjoy the view of Kibale forest. For more information and pictures; click here. 

Price of the entire trip: $2781 
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  • Park fees
  • Trekking Permits
  • Accommodation on full board


  • Tips for guide and driver


Here are some of our recommendations to you for getting through a safari:

  • Plenty of sun protection, lotion or cream (High SPF)
  • A wide-brimmed hat to shade you from the sun, this should have string/straps if standing in the van or jeep as it could be blown off.
  •  A good pair of sunglasses as you are on the equator where the sun is very strong. Prescription sun spectacles are not recommended as may scratch or fall off the vehicles.
  •  Bottle’s or jugs of water to keep you hydrated. Spending a lot of time in the sun, even when wearing hats and sunglasses will dehydrate you in most cases
  • A fleece/jumper/sweater for the early morning (or a safari jacket) and evening game drives, as it tends to get very chilly, especially in the highlands and in the Masai Mara.
  • Shorts and t-shirts or light trousers for the daytime.
  • Long trousers and long or short-sleeved shirts for the evening and protection from mosquitoes
  •  Plenty of film or flash card memory for your camera and a battery charger for all electronic devices.
  •  Swimming costumes/bathing suits as most of the lodges and camps have swimming pools.
  •  A good pair of binoculars (there’s usually just one pair in vehicles).
  •  A pair of safari shoes or trekking boots.
  • A pack of wet wipes.
  •  Mosquito repellent.


The following amounts should only be used as a guideline, but of course, for outstanding personal service, you are more than welcome to give a higher tip:

  •  Porterage                   US$ 1.00 per bag
  •  Dining room staff         US$ 1.00 per person per day
  •  Your driver/tour guide   US$ 5.00 per person per day