Road trip Safari to Kidepo Valley National Park

Departure city: Kampala, Uganda | 5 days | Departure: Jun 05, 2018

Accommodation: Budget | National Parks: Kidepo Valley NP | Special Interest: Cultural Tour, Wildlife Safari

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Discover the untamed nature of Uganda’s Kidepo Valley Nation Park. It will be like entering the setting of the Lion King movie. In 5 days you will explore the Northen Part of the country, go to the Kidepo valley, and meet the local Karamajong people!

Nestled in the wild frontier region of Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park is apparently the most isolated national park in Uganda but still stands out to be one of the best virgin places every wildlife viewer can ever visit in Uganda. This virgin national park is undoubtedly among the best wilderness areas in Africa, harboring a couple of extinct species of wildlife that can’t be found in any other Ugandan national park. Kidepo is right at the core of a Savannah landscape right next to a few mountainous bodies. Kidepo national park is a true gem with a huge abundance of wildlife. It remains a true rendition of tourism in Uganda but remains unknown to many! Kidepo Valley National Park was gazetted into a national park in the year 1962 and currently hosts over 75 species of mammals and 470 species of birds. All these fall in a prime game viewing location. Mammal species include: elephants, buffaloes, cheetahs, bush pig, leopards, Burchell’s zebra, oribis, giraffes, Jacksons’ hartebeest, rare patas monkey and reedbucks.

The local communities around the park include pastoral Karamojong people, similar to the Maasai of Kenya, and the IK, a hunter-gatherer tribe whose survival is threatened. Many Karamojong like Masai of Kenya, prefer to wear “traditional” dress of a blanket -like a shawl with bright red colors. Experience their ‘manyatta’ (homesteads) and also the kraal’s where their cows stay.

Day 1: Kampala to Gulu town
Today at 7 am, our guide will pick you up from your hotel in Kampala. You will begin your journey to Kidepo national park through Gulu town – the Northern part of the country. No planned activities for today, so you can take a walk around Gulu town and explore the vibrant nightlife and learn more about the Acholi people. You will spend the night at Gulu Churchill courts.

Day 2: Gulu town to Kidepo valley national park
This morning our guide will pick you up and transfer you to Kidepo valley national park. This is Africa’s true wildernesses, less crowded, just open savannah, voted by CNN as ‘Africa’s number 3’ for its spectacular buffalo herds. You will have lunch and at 3 pm you will go for an evening game drive through the Narus Valley where you will see herds of buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, zebras and hopefully some lions. we also look out for elusive cheetah in open Savannah grasslands of the Kidepo. After return to the lodge for overnight. Your overnight stay is at Kidepo savannah lodge tents or at Apoka Bandas UWA Camp.

Day 3: Kidepo Valley national park – Game drives
This morning we will go for a game drive across the savannah, mountains and pure wilderness around you. You will definitely see lots of animals. You will return to the lodge for lunch. After
lunch in the evening, you will go for another game drive along the Narus Valley, which is the prime area for wildlife. Expect to see lots of elephants, huge herds of buffalos, lions, and many
different types of antelopes. You will come back to the lodge for dinner and overnight. Your overnight stay is at Kidepo savannah lodge tents or at Apoka Bandas UWA Camp.

Day 4: Cultural tour at Karamajong village & go to Gulu
After a late breakfast, you will drive to a Karamojong village to learn more about their culture, music, and dance. After lunch, you will proceed to Gulu town. Karamojong people are native
pastoral people who believe more in their cows. Cattle is part of their life. Many Karamojong like Masai of Kenya, prefer to wear “traditional” dress of a blanket -like a shawl with bright red colors. Experience their ‘manyatta’ (homesteads) and also the kraal’s where their cows stay. Thereafter transfer on road trip back to Gulu town. Where we will stay at Gulu Churchill courts. 

Day 5: Back to Kampala or Entebbe
The last day of this adventure has come. Today our driver will transfer you back to Kampala. On our way you have the option of stopping at Ziwa rhino sanctuary for an hour Rhino tracking (optional at extra $45 per person). we stop for lunch at Kabalega dinners and after that, we proceed to Kampala.

Gulu Churchill courts
Churchill Courts Hotel is known for comfort, quality, and excellent customer service.
They are a locally owned hotel, serving national and international visitors alike. Located minutes from downtown Gulu, the hotel has the perfect balance for every traveler. The hotel includes free WiFi and a gym.

Kidepo savannah lodge tents
Kidepo Savannah Lodge does justice to this wildlife gem which has received several international awards as one of the greatest Parks in Africa. Being just 500 mt away from Kalokudo gate, the lodge is literally on a stone’s throw from the Park. For more information, click here. 

Apoka Bandas UWA Camp
Run by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), this campus of basic bandas (thatched-roofed huts) is spread over a grassy site. There’s plenty of wildlife about, so be sure to keep your distance and always carry a torch. Enjoy your stay around the nightly campfire.

Price of the entire trip: $795 *with 6 people on board.
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  • Park entry
  • Transportation on 4×4 safari vehicle
  • English speaking driver & guide
  • Accommodation
  • Activities on itinerary; games drives & cultural tour


  • Extra meals & drinks
  • Items of personal nature such as beverages, laundry, and telephone calls
  • Other optimal activities
  • Tips for driver & guide

Kidepo Valley National Park
For more information about Kidepo Valley National Park, click here. 


Here are some of our recommendations to you for getting through a safari:

  • Plenty of sun protection, lotion or cream (High SPF).
  • A wide-brimmed hat to shade you from the sun, this should have string/straps if standing in the van or jeep as it could be blown off.
  • A good pair of sunglasses as you are on the equator where the sun is very strong. Prescription sun spectacles are not recommended as may scratch or fall off the vehicles.
  • Bottle’s or jugs of water to keep you hydrated. Spending a lot of time in the sun, even when wearing hats and sunglasses will dehydrate you in most cases.
  • A fleece/jumper/sweater for the early morning (or a safari jacket) and evening game drives, as it tends to get very chilly, especially in the highlands and in the Masai Mara.
  • Shorts and t-shirts or light trousers for the daytime.
  • Long trousers and long or short-sleeved shirts for the evening and protection from mosquitoes
  • Plenty of film or flash card memory for your camera and a battery charger for all electronic devices.
  • Swimming costumes/bathing suits as most of the lodges and camps have swimming pools.
  • A good pair of binoculars (there’s usually just one pair in vehicles).
  • A pair of safari shoes or trekking boots.
  • A pack of wet wipes.
  • Mosquito repellent.


The following amounts should only be used as a guideline, but of course, for outstanding personal service, you are more than welcome to give a higher tip:

  •  Porterage                   US$ 1.00 per bag
  •  Dining room staff         US$ 1.00 per person per day
  •  Your driver/tour guide   US$ 10.00 per person per day